Save Nermal








Nermal is no longer taking monetary contributions towards his medical expenses. Instead, he encourages you to donate whatever you can, whether time or just a buck or two, to your local humane society, animal shelter, animal adoption agency, or veterinarian hospital. Thousands of unwanted animals are put to death in over-crowded shelters every day because they cannot be adopted out, or just killed in the outdoors in our alien, human progress infested world -- like what almost happened to Nermal.

He would also like to say that when given the opportunity you should adopt from an animal adoption agency rather than purchase from a store. At the very least, visit a number of local animal adoption agencies before making your decision. It just might change your mind, and a couple of lives.

Hermes would also like to remind you that adult animals are just as loving and can offer companionship just as much as a puppy or kitten. When visiting the animal shelter, take a walk past the kitten room and have a look at the adult cats as well. The same goes for dogs. Everyone loves puppies and kittens, but adult animals can still provide as many years of love, companionship, and discovery as younger animals. The day that we went to adopt Hermes, the kitten room as completely packed, and only a couple of people were in the adult cat room. I have never regreted my decision, and neither will you.

Document last modified: Saturday, 22 May 2004 01:30:49 AM EDT