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Nermal FAQ

To start this page, I have tried to anticipate some questions that I might get asked right off the bat. Later I will include real questions and corresponding answers.

Q: Why did you name him "Nermal"?
A: We tossed around a few different names. Since my last cat was named "Archimedes" and my current is named "Hermes", we tried to come up with something along the same lines. However, when we watched his interaction with Hermes, we were reminded of Jim Davis' "Garfield" strip in which a cute grey kitten named "Nermal" harrasses the ever complacent Garfield about being cute and playful. Well, our little kitten isn't grey, but he's got the attitude. You can get a short biography of the original Nermal here, a short comicography here, and a much more modern biography here at

Q: Why bother to keep him if he is this much trouble?
A: What kind of human being are you to ask this? Seriously though, while, yes, Nermal has, and will continue to, cost an uncomfortable amount of money, we could not in good conscience have left his care to someone else. I rescued him, we brought him in, and we want to see him better.

Q: Well, then why ask for help?
A: Good question. Why would we assume this responsibility and then ask for contributions to help us out? Simply put, this is not a page asking for people to help us, this is asking for people to help Nermal, as he cannot ask for himself.

Q: Is this contribution tax-deductable?
A: As far as I know, no.

Q: Can I email you?
A: Nermal welcomes all non-commercial, non-solicitation emails to him at, whether asking questions, sending wishes, or even telling him that I am low-life scum for exploiting him. He may not be able to answer your emails directly, but questions will find their way onto this page. Good wishes are appreciated, and he thanks you in advance. Solicitations (spam) are an unwelcomed nuisance -- however, any such emails received to SAVENERMAL.COM will be billed as a $100 contribution. (Try us.)

Q: Why does this page look like crap?
A: I am a network admin and IT consultant; not a web-designer (seriously, look at the horrible HTML.) I stole the basic format from some of the other beggar sites. This site is generated by a simple PHP script which reads the content from flat files rather than a database.

Q: May I link to your site?
A: If you really want to. I would prefer that you link to the parent domain, rather than any of the generated pages.

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